Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Martin and Bubp Offer Resolution Urging Congress to Support Continuation of F-35 Production


COLUMBUS—State Representatives Jarrod B. Martin (R-Beavercreek) and Danny Bubp (R-West Union), along with 10 co-sponsors, have offered a resolution urging Congress to support the full funding and production of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
“As the state representative of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, I feel it is necessary to ensure that our Congressional delegation understands how important the F-35 is to the safety of our troops, as well as to the economy of our state,” said Representative Martin.  
The United States has been investing in the production of the F-35 for more than a decade.  This fifth-generation multi-task stealth aircraft is needed to replace our current air fleet, which has been flying for nearly 30 years and cannot be retrofitted with the technology of the F-35.  The capabilities of newer generation aircraft will provide military men and women with the unmatched situational awareness and integrated weapons systems, air-to-air combat superiority, and ground-to-air superiority. 
The full funding and production of the F-35 not only provides our military with the best equipment and technology to ensure successful missions, but it also plays a key role in Ohio’s economy.  Currently, 46 Ohio manufacturers contribute to the production of parts for the Joint Strike Fighter, and nearly 4,400 skilled Ohioans are employed producing this technology. The Joint Strike Fighter program has nearly a $400 million economic impact on this state.
“In this unpredictable world, we need to ensure that we do everything we can to equip our troops and stabilize our economy. The full funding and production of the F-35 plays a vital role in this mission.  I hope Congress will hear our message,” said Representative Martin.