Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chairman DeWine on Kasich's First 100 Days

(Columbus) - In his inaugural address on January 10th, Governor John Kasich vowed to transform Ohio and rebuild its great cities. In today's First 100 Days speech, he highlighted some of his early accomplishments and outlined his continued work for a better Ohio.

"Governor Kasich has worked tirelessly to revive our state's ailing economy," said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine. "Candidate Kasich said he would focus on jobs, and Governor Kasich has done just that. He has tackled the spending problem of the last administration, proposed a balanced budget and preserved income tax cuts."

In today's speech, Governor Kasich highlighted his work in recent months which includes:

* Working with business leaders to retain Ohio jobs and companies.

* Cutting red tape that inhibits small business growth.

* Bringing Teach for America to Ohio schools.

* Introducing a balanced budget with tax cuts and lower government spending.

* Signing Senate Bill 5 to give public employers the tools to restructure their budgets when revenues get tight.

"By easing regulations on small businesses and protecting the income tax cut, Governor Kasich is removing the financial burdens that have kept Ohio at a competitive disadvantage with other states for years. His reform centers around putting Ohioans back to work, attracting businesses and creating a financially sound environment for growth in years to come."

DeWine also applauded the Governor for his bold stance on Senate Bill 5 to protect public servants while reining in the growing cost of government.

"The Governor has taken critics head on by challenging the status quo. Governor Kasich has exercised leadership in removing policies that hurt Ohio's taxpayers, businesses and bottom line. We are proud of his efforts, and excited to continue to work alongside of him for a healthier, more vibrant Ohio."