Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama's Political Historical Ignorance...A Sign of the Times

Obama has shown he is not the great fount of intelligence and wisdom when it comes to his own field of study in college: political science. He has shown an amazing lack of grasp of history for one who is supposedly so gifted. However, this is just another sign of the liberalization of our educational system. Truth and facts and logic are discounted and don't matter as long as you say what the current "conventional wisdom" is. Obama has shown a tremendous historical ignorance, but his misstatements of fact and history have been accepted by many as fact because they didn't learn anything different in school when it comes to civics and social studies. We are gradually eroding our collective understanding of our history and our civil and natural rights by the fact that our educational system no longer engages in discussion of fact and logic but rather when it comes to social sciences engages more in collective rage and social justice. Check out Obama's latest here:
Yesterday he was at it again, in his peevish interview with the feisty local broadcast reporter from Texas. Why are you so unpopular in Texas? the reporter asked. Obama being Obama, he was unable to laugh off the question and say he'd do better next time around. Obama responded: "Texas has always been a pretty Republican state, for, you know, historic reasons."

Has the guy ever heard of LBJ? You know, the fellow who first brought us socialized medicine? Has he ever read a single volume of Robert Caro's monumental biography of LBJ? It's hard to miss the extent to which the Democratic Party dominated Texas politics for the duration of LBJ's (long) political career.

Obama majored in political science at Columbia. Did he miss the fact that Texas was part of the solidly Democratic South -- the slaveholding, segregated, Jim Crow South -- more or less from statehood in 1845 until Nixon's 1972 landslide?

Did Obama skip class the day he might have learned that in the the postbellum South, including Texas, the Republican Party was virtually nonexistent? Apparently so. Or maybe he was just deploying his skills as a bs artist to deflect a question that could not be reconciled with his self-worship.

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Sadly, Obama is just symptomatic of the larger society in that we have learned much that simply is not so.