Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Rep. Combs Proposes Measure to Support the Effort to Control Illegal Immigration


COLUMBUS—Recently, State Representative Courtney Combs (R-Hamilton) introduced House Concurrent Resolution 11, which articulates Ohio’s support for the State of Arizona in its legal battle regarding the state’s ability to control illegal immigration.
Because of the failure of the federal government to secure Arizona’s southern border, the State of Arizona is striving to control through legislation the influx of illegal immigrants crossing its border. The legislation arose after exponential growth of illegal drugs and related crime because the state’s police forces have no course of action or necessary resources to combat the quickly growing number of undocumented individuals. This has caused a strain on service providers to provide housing, food and medical services not only within the state of Arizona, but throughout the nation as well.
“Ohioans are fed up with the lack of effort by the federal government in dealing with the growing concerns of illegal immigration,” said Combs. “Illegal immigration is a real problem that deserves immediate attention and steadfast resolve. It is a strain on our health care system, on our education system, and on our public safety system.”
HCR 11 asserts that the Ohio General Assembly supports the efforts of the State of Arizona to demand appropriate action from the federal government, and that Arizona’s attempt to control the problem at the state level is a necessary message to the federal government that current immigration policies are simply not effective.
The passage of HCR 11 would indicate that Ohio joins the State of Arizona and 15 other states in an effort to gain the support of the federal government in addressing this burgeoning problem.
HCR 11 has been assigned to the House State Government and Elections Committee, where it will undergo further debate and deliberation.