Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BREAKING: Combs on Cates Seat

COLUMBUS - After much thought and prayer, it is my intention not to seek the Senate seat recently vacated by Senator Gary Cates. I am pleased to have been considered for this seat but my allegiance is to the constituents of the 54th House district.
I am presently the Chairman of the House Transportation, Public Safety, and Homeland Security Committee, an appointment I enjoy immensely. This committee has been the most productive committee in the House for this session, having already had heard 27 bills with countless public testimonies. I am also the Vice Chair of the State Government and Elections Committee, which will play a big part in the upcoming redistricting process for the state of Ohio.
I am committed to fulfilling my elected term and enacting many more pieces of legislation that I have sponsored including; House Bill 24, which fixes a legal loophole by requiring nursing homes to notify their residents of a sex offender living in their facility. House Bill 25, which increases penalties for those who commit cruelty to companion animals and includes companion animals in restraining orders. House Bill 119, which will slow the growing epidemic of skin cancer in our youth by restricting the sale of indoor tanning beds to minors. And my most recent legislation, HCR 11, which declares Ohio’s support for the State of Arizona in their current legal battle with the federal government over the lagging enforcement of illegal immigration laws.
I will be term limited in 2012, after serving 9 years in the Ohio House and having been supported convincingly by the 54th district in four consecutive elections. It is my intent to run for County Commissioner of Butler County, a seat I held proudly for 18 years. My focus will be to bring Butler County back to where it was when I left; the top county in the state with all elected office holders working together.