Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bubp Announces that Law to Fight Prescription Rx Abuse Passes House Concurrence

St. Rep Danny Bubp
COLUMBUS—State Representative Danny R. Bubp (R-West Union has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives voted to accept Senate changes to House Bill 93—which will combat prescription drug abuse and reduce the widespread prevalence of “pill mills.”
“In 2009, Adams County had the highest per capita death rate for prescription drug abuse in Ohio and four Ohioans are dying every day,” Bubp said. “I am pleased to see this life saving legislation move forward.”
House Bill 93 will enhance the current Ohio Automated Rx Review System (OARRS), which was established in 2006 to assist health care professionals in identifying drug-seeking behaviors to provide additional oversight. It will also limit prescribers’ ability to personally furnish certain controlled substances, enact Medicaid reforms to improve consumer education and allow for better care coordination, improve licensing and law enforcement for pain-management clinics, and develop a statewide prescription drug “take-back” program.
“HB 93 sends a clear message to those profiting from the pain and suffering of others,” stated Bubp. “We are not going to allow you to do this anymore; the suffering is going to stop.”
Among Senate changes to House Bill 93 are modifications to the definition of “pain management clinic,” delay on the prohibition on pain management operation without a license by 30 days, and permission for the Bureau of Works Compensation to access OARRS, among other additions.
House Bill 93 will now move to Governor Kasich for his signature.