Saturday, May 07, 2011

Does MichelleNoBelle Have an Eating Disorder?

I think so. I mean, she judges our children and tells restaurants to up their prices and decrease portions and sits in judgement of parents, so why can't we sit in judgement of her non-bony arse when we hear things like this:
The crowd learned a little tidbit about the first lady, courtesy of her husband.

Said Obama: "I asked Michelle the other day, I said, ‘What’s your favorite food’ -- because we were sitting around with the girls. She said, ‘Ah, Mexican food.’"

The crowd loved the news.

"You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale," joked the president. "It’s true. It’s true. But she’s moving, though, so she can afford to have as many tamales as she wants," said Obama in a nod to his wife’s "Let’s Move" healthy campaign.

I think we should send Michelle No Belle to therapy for her obsession with Mexican food that leads her to be a danger to others when they are between her and a tamale. I think it is both a cry of denial and a cry for help when we hear "it's ok to overeat beacause I am moving." Someone help this poor misguided wretch out. Perhaps if she were actually proud of her country that has afforded her the opportunity to be first lady and waste our tax dollars and luxurious foreign trips with dozens of hangers on she would have a healthier outlook on food.