Thursday, May 05, 2011

Obama and Democrats are "For" the Little Guy Again; Propose Economy Devestating Tax on Mileage

President Obama doesn't want ANYBODY to be employed.  What other conclusion can one draw from his trial balloon for a tax on mileage.  Let's call that one the Go Galt Act...  We are already taxed because we work and this tool wants to tax us again.

Remember this come election time, folks.  President Obama and his fellow Democrats not only like $4 - $5 gasoline, they want to tax you for the very act of driving.  Next time some liberal tells you that Republicans aren't for the middle class, laugh at them and ask them who proposed the mileage tax.  If that don't shut them up, ask them how raising taxes is going to improve unemployment.  This gang have no solutions that actually work for the problems that we have, but plenty of ideas for more creating more problems.

Anybody think that businesses won't "pass the savings" of a mileage tax on to the consumer?  These fools just don't understand the economy or business at all.