Monday, May 02, 2011

OBL: A Real Example of the Islamofascist Manhood

The piece of garbage used one of his wives as a human shield when the attack went down. Yeah, Sharia law and the religion of peace are so progressive when it comes to women's rights. Where is the outrage at islamofascism on the part of the NOW cows? Hmmm? Check it out:
Mr Brennan said bin Laden was hiding behind women, who were used as a human shield, when he was confronted by US special forces troops. One woman was killed.

Brennan told the press during the briefing that the woman used by bin Laden as a human shield during the raid on his compound was “presumed to be his wife”.

A dirtbag, mass murderer, and a man who hides behind women when the chips are down. And we actually respected his "religion" enough to bury him on time and with the proper ritual. I guess we wanted him all done up nice when he entered Hell.