Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ohio Legislature Needs to Fix 128th-SB77

It is a pretty rare day when I agree with the ACLU of Ohio and the Cleveland Plain Dealer, but this is one situation where I think they are right...  In the 128th General Assembly, both the House and Senate passed SB 77 which when it became law with Ted Strickland's signature destroyed the Constitutional right to a presumption of innocence.  SB 77 required that DNA from anyone arrested -- not convicted, just arrested -- for a felony.

THAT needs to be fixed.  Pronto.

UPDATE:  As usual, Mike DeWine wants to add red tape as a solution...
Tom Stickrath, who heads the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, said he and Attorney General Mike DeWine are exploring their options that may include a process whereby people who are acquitted file a document with the trial court to have their DNA removed from the national crime database.
WRONG ANSWER, MIKEY...try again.