Wednesday, June 22, 2011

As with Most Everything, 2012 GOP Challengers Need to Look to Reagan, not Huntsman

Mr. Huntsman, whom I had some high hopes for, has really disappointed me in just a few days. In his announcement, he mentions the President only once, and that is to say that he respects him very much. Then he goes on to talk about how important this election is and how we are headed in the wrong direction. He also appeals to civility. This is moderate Republican code for "we don't want to offend the moderates or the MSM. We don't want to look mean." Um, NO! The time for patty cake is over! We are talking about the future of our country, people! And attacking a moron in chief is not attacking him personally! Look at Ronald Reagan in these two youtube videos! He is direct and blunt: Jimmy Carter is/was a disastrous President who has led the country in the wrong direction. Instead of talking about how much he respects the President, Reagan goes after Carter and says he will personally hold the Peanutman to account. Where is that from this field of GOP challengers? It surely does not come from Huntsman, who seems to merely be like the Mitts and others in the field, who don't seem to have the cojones to stand up and say, this President sucks, here is why, and here is what I am going to do about it.

If Huntsman is going to be like this and pussyfoot around, then he might as well quit now and go back to practicing his Mandarin.

Reagan clip 1

Reagan clip 2

That type of directness. That type of honesty. That type of emotion of "no, this isn't just some abstract political rhetoric, I actually believe what I say and give a damn" is what the American people are crying out for. They want a leader, not a pattycaker.

So far, these are the people who I believe are nonstarters as opposition to Obama:
Huntsman: a kumbayah campaign....let's be friendly rivals. Uh, NO!
Romney: I am wooden, I love socialized medicine. How am I different from Obama aside from the better hair? Oh wait, I'm NOT DIFFERENT THAN OBAMA!
Gingrich: if he won, his entire cabinet would resign on the first day.
Pawlenty: had the chance to take a stand against the Mittster and kept his Pawlenty shut.
Ron Paul: It's Ron Paul. Seriously. There are times for the Doomsday solution. This isn't it yet.
Giuliani: Rudy, you bailed last time. We don't want someone who is going to bail again.
Trump: Too shady. Too flaky.