Thursday, June 23, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: 527 Media Slams Republicans in a Story About Democrats

Yup, no Ron Wardrup could count on a Rawnica Dillingham / Kay Rogers / Mike Fox reference if this were about a Republican, but since it is a Democrat, it's just another "in a line of Butler County elected official scandals." 

That's objective journalism!  ...or something. 

Oh, wait, check out page 2:
Earlier this month, former county Commissioner Greg Jolivette was reprimanded by the Ohio Ethics Commission and ordered to repay the county $6,629.66 for voting to hire his son as a summer intern. County Coroner Dr. Richard Burkhardt recently surrendered his ability to write prescriptions after the state medical board discovered he had not properly documented medicines prescribed to his employees.

Former Commissioner and Children Services Director Mike Fox and former Auditor Kay Rogers are awaiting sentencing for their roles in the Dynus and NORMAP fiber-optics scandals. And in 2007, Carole Mosketti resigned as county treasurer after pleading guilty to an ethics violation for hiring her granddaughter.
This is a story about DEMOCRATS and these tools STILL bring up Republicans without mentioning Ron Waldrup.  At least they let poor Rawnica Dillingham alone this time...