Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nanny Statist Ohio House Passes Ban on Texting While Driving

COLUMBUS—The Ohio House of Representatives today passed legislation to prohibit driving a vehicle while using an electronic communications device to write, send or read a text-based communications.
House Bill 99, sponsored by State Representative Rex Damschroder (R-Fremont), also establishes certain exemptions to the prohibition, including a person using an electronic communications device for emergency purposes and a person driving a public safety vehicle who uses such a device in the course of the person’s duties.
“Texting while driving is a danger that has affected many within our communities,” Damschroder said. “We took an important step today toward addressing this issue and making our roads and highways safer.”
Additionally, House Bill 99 provides that for the first six months after the effective date of the bill, no ticket, citation or summons may be issued for a violation of the new prohibition established by the bill. During this time, only a warning may be issued that provides information about the prohibition.
The legislation passed with strong bipartisan support and will now move to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.
Good news!  You can still tune your guitar while driving though...no law against that...yet.....