Friday, June 03, 2011

OHD-55 Update: Butler GOP Recommends Four

Last night, the screening of candidates wishing to replace Bill Coley in the Ohio House took place and four of the twelve have been forwarded on to the House Republican committee that will make the final appointment next week.


Margie Conditt nabs the top spot.  She is probably the most qualified and most likely to get the appointment.

George Nafziger placed second.  I know he's been around, but prior to this "ordeal" I had not really known anything about him.

Christine Matacic, the third place finisher.  She's going to be a force to be reckoned with at some point.  Her strong finish here speaks well to her future in politics.

Don Spurlock rounds out the winners list.  He's the establishment choice.  He finished fourth.  Read in to that what you will.


Middletown's Candace Keller didn't make the cut.

Lee Wong.  Still can't weasel his way in to a promotion.  That's too bad...

The Also Rans...but y'all knew that was coming.

UPDATE: I've had a few sources weigh in on this post privately and I may have to revise and extend my remarks a bit as a result.

First off: Apologies to George Nafziger for mis-spelling his name the first time around.That's what I get for trusting the paper and their "layers" of editing... Furthermore, my initial read may have been wrong and actually Nafziger is the "big" winner...he certainly surprised some people last night.

Second and Probably More Important: Apparently, Christine Matacic botched a death penalty question and revealed herself to be not quite the political tour de force as initially seemed. These things happen...maybe she'll recover her mojo, but that is probably going to take some time.