Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slimy Jon Husted Sides with Voter Frauders Like ACORN in Photo ID Issue

Jon Husted is not a real conservative. Jon Husted is nothing more than a slimy pandering ass. And, he is joined by quite a few in the Ohio Senate. How else to explain this travesty? Check it out:
An Ohio Senate panel decided to remove a requirement from a election bill for Ohio voters to show photo identification in person before casting a ballot.

The Ohio Senate committee removed the provision on Wednesday, only a day after it was added by the GOP-controlled House, after the state's top elections official joined Democrats and the League of Women Voters in opposing the photo ID plan.

Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted told the Associated Press that he was against the photo ID plan because it didn't give voters enough ways to identify themselves, such as Social Security numbers, and instead it restricted them to only photo identification.

A separate piece of legislation pending in the Senate could carry the same picture ID mandate for voters though if a different Senate committee approves it on Thursday.

"What we had in the bill were a variety of different standards," said Husted. "Some were confusing, some created incentives to game the system while at the same time disenfranchise perfectly legal voters."

Jon Husted is an ignorant tool. How is giving Social Security numbers without accompanying ID any type of proof of identity? One could just make them up. Who doesn't have some form of photo id? If you don't have one, you can get one at practically no charge.

Hey Jon, are you covering yourself for the next time you vote, and forget where you really live? Is that Kettering or Columbus, Jon? What a slimebucket piece of maggot crap. But, he is one of Kevin DeWine's fratboy buddies.

Jon Husted and the Ohio Senate just gave the Ohio Democrats, whatever remains of ACORN, and all those lib 527s free reign to engage in election fraud.