Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today in the Ohio Senate

At today's session (1:30 p.m.), the Senate will consider the following resolution:

* Education: Senate Concurrent Resolution 11, sponsored by State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering), approves the Ohio Department of Education's proposed changes to the calculation used to determine graduation rates, as required by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Senate will also consider the following legislation:

* Mining: House Bill 163, sponsored by State Representative Troy Balderson, adopts modifications to Ohio's mining laws, specifically relating to the application and operational requirements for surface mining. The bill reflects a consensus recommendation of regulators and the coal industry after more than a year of task force meetings.

* Probate Law: Senate Bill 117, sponsored by Senators Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) and Joe Schiavoni (D-Canfield), would alter and improve seven areas of Ohio probate law, which oversees the administration of wills and estates.

* Sunset Review: Senate Bill 171, sponsored by Senator Karen Gillmor (R-Tiffin), would adopt recommendations from the bipartisan Sunset Review Committee, which Sen. Gillmor chaired during the 128th General Assembly. The committee recommended abolishing or consolidating more than 80 state boards and commissions in an effort to reduce the size of government and save Ohioans more than $6.7 million over the next five years. The nine-member panel met 18 times between November of 2009 and May of 2010 to review the budgets and operations of 276 state entities.
Considering adding HB-163 and SB-171 to the Ohio Legislature Scorecard...