Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cincinnati Union Head Under Indictment

What? A dirty Union chief? Surely you jest? Evidently not:
A former Cincinnati employee union leader has been indicted for allegedly embezzling more than three quarters of a million dollars in union funds.
A federal grand jury indicted Diana Frey, president of the Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees union ( CODE ), on one count of wire fraud on Tuesday.

Frey, 51, is accused of embezzling more than $750,000 between 2005 and June of this year.

The indictment alleges that Frey fraudulently and without authority caused CODE to pay funds by checks, direct wire transfers, ATM withdrawals, and credit card purchases to her various bank accounts or for her personal benefit. Frey allegedly misrepresented the union’s finances to other CODE officers and members.he Board of Directors for CODE released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

The Board of Directors of the Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees (CODE) Bargaining Unit has received word that the U. S. Department of Labor investigation of the financial records of the organization and its’ former President, Diana Frey, has produced an indictment of the former President.

The Board requested this investigation several months ago. We regret to announce to our members that the investigation into our operations, specifically the actions of our former president, Diana Frey, has revealed that a large sum of our treasury is missing. The Board has been working very hard over the last month to ensure that CODE and its membership are protected and steps were immediately taken to protect the assets of CODE and its members. CODE board members are not at liberty to speak about the case until the criminal process is completed. Members can be assured that the daily operation of CODE continues and remains a strong force for its members.

A person answering the phones at the CODE offices in Queensgate said they are talking with their attorney and do not have anything to say at this time.The union Board on Tuesday released a statement that Frey had not been available to members of the board for "some time" and that an investigation was under way.

CODE represents middle managers, professionals, technical employees and nurses.

Frey had been its only president since its inception in 2003. She previously worked as a public information officer for the public works department.

CODE is emphasizing that she is the former Head. However, she was the head of the organization from its inception til at least June of this year. Wow, so much for the protection of the workers from the bosses. In this case, the workers needed protection from the Union.

More of the change you can believe in types......Disgusting!