Friday, July 01, 2011

Fiscal Conservative Leaders In Ohio Including Cincinnati Tea Party President Endorse Pawlenty for President

COLUMBUS, OH – As the “We the People Convention” begins today in Ohio, the Pawlenty for President campaign announces the endorsement of key grassroots activists.

“I am very excited to welcome Mike Wilson, Jack Boyle, State Representative Jim Butler, and many other conservative leaders to our team in Ohio,” said Gov. Pawlenty. "Their work to restore American prosperity by fighting for spending cuts both in their state and the federal government is a testament to their patriotism. I’m excited to have them on my team. I wish them, Convention President Tom Zawistowski and all the conservative leaders in Ohio a successful convention this weekend.”

“I’m proud to endorse Gov. Tim Pawlenty for President,” said Mike Wilson, President of the Cincinnati Tea Party and former Republican nominee for State Representative. “He has an impressive conservative record as governor of liberal Minnesota. I like all of our candidates, but Gov. Pawlenty is the best candidate to defeat President Obama and implement a fiscally responsible agenda in Washington D.C.”

Wilson is a small businessman and founder and President of the Cincinnati Tea Party. He was also the 2010 Republican nominee for State Representative for the 28th Ohio legislative district. Jack Boyle is recognized as a fiscal hawk and is former State Director of Americans for Prosperity in Ohio.

"As I've worked on difficult tax and spending issues in Ohio this year, it occurred to me that one candidate in the Republican field dealt with these same issues for 8 years,” said Jack Boyle, Chairman, Citizens United to End Ohio's Estate Tax, and former Ohio State Director, Americans for Prosperity. “Former Minnesota Gov.Tim Pawlenty has done the hard work Ohio is now facing and a record like his is what it will take to carry Ohio in 2012. A leader who issued over 123 vetoes is exactly the attitude we need in the White House to get federal government spending under control. This is why I strongly support Gov. Tim Pawlenty for President."

In addition to Wilson, Boyle and Butler, State Auditor Dave Yost has endorsed Gov. Pawlenty for President.