Friday, July 15, 2011

Kasich Signs and Vetoes Some Bills

COLUMBUS – Today, Gov. John R. Kasich signed the following pieces of legislation into law:

House Bill 64 (Ruhl and Burke) adds synthetic cannabinoids commonly known as K2 or Spice to the list of Schedule I controlled substances and prohibits the possession and trafficking of Spice;

House Bill 277 (Blessing, Gerberry) permits a horse-track racing permit holder that is eligible to become a video lottery sales agent to apply to the State Racing Commission to move its track to another location;

House Bill 229 (Buchy) revises the laws governing agriculture; and

House Bill 188 (Batchelder) establishes the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission and makes an appropriation.
Release 2:
COLUMBUS—Today Governor John R. Kasich vetoed HB 231, legislation related to Ohio’s participation in the Great Lakes Compact, an agreement between the eight Great Lakes states and two Canadian provinces to provide for management of Great Lakes water. In vetoing the bill Kasich issued the following statement:

“Lake Erie is an incredible resource that demands our vigilant stewardship to maximize its environmental, recreational and commercial potential for Ohioans. The Great Lakes Compact ensures that Great Lakes states and provinces work together to protect the lakes and the water resources in the basin, and Ohio’s legislation is intended to further Ohio’s compliance with the compact. While most of HB 231 fulfills Ohio’s obligations without concern and helps meet the needs of Ohio’s industrial, energy and agricultural water users, portions of it must be improved. Namely, Ohio’s legislation lacks clear standards for conservation and withdrawals and does not allow for sufficient evaluation and monitoring of withdrawals or usage. I look forward to working with the General Assembly to make the necessary improvements to the legislation.”