Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sen. Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY), Wants to Defy the Constitution by Giving Obama Power to Raise Ceiling

Mitch McConnell is no conservative. I am not sure he is a higher order life form. I mean, the man has no backbone, so how can he be an evolved lifeform. He is so afraid of standing on principle that he seeks to defy the Constitution's Article I by giving President Obama authority to raise the debt limit on his own three times a year. From Erick Erickson:
In a nutshell, the President would get to raise the debt ceiling three times in the next year at several billion bucks a pop without making any spending cuts unless two-thirds of both houses of Congress disagree. In his press conference, McConnell says he would not give the President “unilateral authority to make spending cuts on his own,” but this plan would allow the President to raise the debt ceiling pretty much automatically.As the Politico notes,

Senate Republicans are actively pursuing a new plan under which the debt ceiling would grow in three increments over the remainder of this Congress unless lawmakers approve a veto-proof resolution of disapproval.

In effect lawmakers would be surrendering the very power of approval that the GOP has used to force the debt crisis now. But by taking the disapproval route, Republicans can shift the onus more onto the White House and Democrats since a two-thirds majority will be needed to stop any increase that President Barack Obama requests.

Yes, instead of putting the burden on the White House, McConnell would make it damn near impossible to block a debt ceiling increase. We’ve seen this before. The House once had the Gephardt rule that required the debt ceiling vote be attached to a more popular measure so members of Congress could escape a tough vote.

Consequently, the debt ceiling has gone up to $14 trillion without Congress ever having to make a tough choice about debt.

And now Mitch McConnell wants to make it even easier by allowing Congress to go through a dog and pony show of feigned cuts that never get cut while allowing escalation of our national debt. So much for accusing Barack Obama of smoke and mirrors.

Typical Spineless RINO. Rather than take any heat and actually stand for something, B*tch McConnell (RINO, KY) decides he wants to cut a deal so he can look like a hero to the lamestream driveby media. Who cares if it subverts the very framework of our government and destroy the division of powers, it will get B**** a lifetime invite to all the cool Sunday talk shows and all the cool DC parties?

Our government is one of separated powers so the executive cannot run roughshod. Congresses over the past few decades have ceded more and more power to the executive, without engaging in next to any oversight. The threat of the purse is one of the last refuges Congress has. Doing this deal will basically create an unfettered executive branch that has little to answer to Congress. But, it does mean that B**** McConnell won't have to hurt his itty bitty brain and make a decision.

Flood the lines to DC and tell the GOP Senators that this proposal doesn't just suck, it blows.