Friday, July 22, 2011

With Friends Like These, ORP Needs No (More?) Democrats

A reader brought this Joe Hallett column to my attention with the warning that it would get my blood boiling and it sure did...

It is hard enough to get Republicans to care about judicial races to begin with since they are "non-partisan" and all, but when I see the Chief Justice who just went around claiming to be the female Ronald Reagan in a black robe in order to get elected now claim to be a "moderate" I just want to break things.

And then there is former ORP Chairman Bob "The Tool" Bennett with this bit:
"Yvette has an understanding of business," said former Ohio GOP Chairman Robert T. Bennett. "It makes her a very difficult opponent for Republicans in 2012."
Sweet Jeebus, Bob, why don't you appear in an ad for the Democrat why don't ya? 
"Republican" Paul Pfieffer (State Central Committee endorsed):
"Everyone on the court genuinely likes her," said Paul E. Pfeifer, the senior justice. "She's done a great job as far as I'm concerned."
Get. Out. Of. My. Party. And. Don't. Let. The. Door. Hit. Your. @$$. On. The. Way. Out.
More O'Connor:
"I don't think that she will receive anything but good wishes from everybody in this building when it comes to her efforts," O'Connor said.

"I will be very honest with people when they ask me my opinion of Yvette and her place on this court as an associate justice. I think she's just a wonderful addition."
Velvet Hammer my @$$...  I'm tired of having to support these clowns...