Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Clueless: White House Says No Double Dip Recession

Have these people not seen the headlines? Have they not looked at the data? Or are they just so delusional and arrogant they think they can convince you with this drivel:
The debt crisis behind him, President Barack Obama challenged his Cabinet on Wednesday to redouble its efforts to strengthen a "weakened" economy and get people back to work. His spokesman, meanwhile, batted away any suggestion the U.S. was headed back into recession.

The president said the economy's weakness was "partly because of things we couldn't control," such as the Japanese earthquake and the debt problems in Europe. And he said the long argument over raising the U.S. debt ceiling also had had a negative effect on the economy.

Obama told his Cabinet to "focus on what matters most to the American people, and that is, how are we going to put people back to work; how are we going to raise their wages; increase their security; how are we going to make sure that they recover fully, as families and as communities, from the worst recession we've had since the Great Depression."

At the same time, Obama's spokesman discounted talk that the economy may be headed back into recession, despite recent concerns of economists.

Press Secretary Jay Carney said there is no question that economic growth and job creation have slowed over the past half year.

But, Carney told a White House briefing, "We do not believe that there is a threat of a double-dip recession."

Of course, maybe there isn't a threat of a double dip because we never got out of the first dip.....hmm....