Monday, August 22, 2011

Congressman Jim Jordan endorses Ohio Treasurer and Marine Veteran Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) today announced his endorsement of Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate in Ohio, recognizing Mandel for his leadership as current State Treasurer of Ohio and commitment to restoring fiscal sanity to government.

“Our nation’s AAA credit rating was downgraded because liberals like Sherrod Brown, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi think we can borrow and spend like there's no tomorrow,” said Jordan. “In order to stop the out-of-control borrowing and spending before it bankrupts our country, we need to change control of the Senate and the White House. I believe Treasurer Josh Mandel is a fiscal conservative who is committed to changing the deficit culture in Washington. Josh understands that the federal government should balance its budget just like families and small businesses have to do every day – just as Josh did as State Treasurer,” Jordan continued.

Treasurer Mandel ended the fiscal year with a $400,000 surplus in the Treasurer’s office and reduced general revenue fund operating expenses by $1.2 million over the next two years.

"Jim Jordan is a tireless advocate for fiscal restraint and pro-growth policies in Congress and I am truly honored to receive his endorsement,” said Mandel. “I was proud to lend my vocal support in favor of the ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ plan championed by Rep. Jordan. It is crucial that we stop spending money we don’t have by mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s future to do it,” Mandel continued.

Representative Jim Jordan’s endorsement adds to the many endorsements Mandel has received from conservative grassroots leaders and Tea Party leaders throughout Ohio and nationally. Mandel has also earned the endorsements of Senator Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund, the powerful free-market organization Club for Growth, and Ohio’s Republican Senator Rob Portman.

Jordan’s endorsement helps build upon momentum Mandel gained by outraising ultra-liberal incumbent Sherrod Brown, $2.3 million to $1.5 million, in the last fundraising quarter. As a conservative from the heavily Democratic Cleveland area, and as the top-vote getter of all statewide executive candidates in the last election, Mandel is well positioned to beat the vulnerable Brown in the increasingly anti-incumbent environment.