Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Department of Defense Offical Tyrannical, Spends Excessively on Self

Funny, I didn't think Michelle Obama was part of the Department of Defense. Doesn't this sound like the First Queen? But, sadly, it is not. However, it does appear to be symptomatic of the "let them eat rubbish while we party" mentality of many in the Obama administration. The latest comes from the chief of personnel:
The military’s personnel chief is under fire from Pentagon whistleblowers who have charged Clifford Stanley with incompetence, extravagant spending, cronyism and “tyrannical” management.

Pentagon employees have told DOD’s top investigator and senior lawmakers that Stanley spent nearly $400,000 on an “incredibly extravagant” conference room and inserted an old friend into a senior post. The whistleblowers also allege that he forced more than 20 senior executives out of his office and conducted electronic eavesdropping on employees. Stanley “has created a dysfunctional command marked by fear and mistrust through a capricious, tyrannical and arbitrary leadership,” according to a July 11 letter to the Pentagon inspector general. “Waste, fraud and abuse of power are rampant. Even if he were competent, his destructive leadership would assure [personnel and readiness office] mission failure.”

That same complaint also featured this blunt assessment: “He is incompetent.”

Those charges, and others, are spelled out in three anonymous complaints from Pentagon employees released Monday by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO).

Stanley has been undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness since February 2010.

Wow, those assessments sound like the entire Obama Administration. And to think this clown was a Marine. Obviously a pencil pusher. Sad state for the military personnel right now. Get this guy out.