Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ohio Students Not Ready for College

Gee, another great gold star in the "Ohio Teachers Deserve their Golden Parachutes and All Those Benefits that Can't Be Gotten in the Private Sector" File...NOT. From the Toledo Blade:
Results of ACT college-admission tests suggest that nearly three-quarters of Ohio high school graduates aren’t completely prepared for college.

Test results released Wednesday show that only 28 percent of test-takers in the Class of 2011 at Ohio public and private high schools met college readiness standards in English, reading, math and science.

The state beat the national readiness score of 25 percent.

The Ohio graduates appear to be least prepared for college science courses. Just 35 percent of the state’s 2011 graduating class scored high enough to predict they may get a C or better in the typical college freshmen biology course.

Interim president Jon Erickson of ACT’s Education Division says in a statement that too many students are still falling through cracks in the education system.

OK, so I guess 3 percentage points are enough to run the school districts dry financially, right? Are the taxpayers getting the bang for their buck? You decide. But, for the thousands Americans are taxed in education, you would think we would get better than 25% nationally and 28%statewide. But, of course, when unions are protecting the teachers who should've been cast out ages ago and not letting in other teachers who have new ideas and approaches, what does one expect? All the more reason to vote for Issue 2 in the fall.