Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Shocker: Columbus Dispatch Gets that Debt Deal a Solution Only for Obama

From the Columbus Dispatch:
This resolution is a relief, but no one deserves much credit for the outcome, least of all the president of the United States. While Democratic and Republican members of Congress can at least claim to have been defending principles — Republicans taking a stand against runaway deficit spending, Democrats protecting programs for the elderly and poor — President Barack Obama was protecting only himself and his 2012 re-election prospects.

He was willing to push the nation to the brink of insolvency in order to get a debt-ceiling deal — virtually any debt-ceiling deal — that would ensure that this messy issue wouldn’t arise again until after the next presidential election. Mission accomplished. But it was hardly a display of leadership.

Exactly. This was all about improving Obama's reelection chances and taking this issue off the front burner, however briefly. Sadly, John Boehner and B**ch McConnell and the GOP went for it and helped Obama. Bad form! Bad form! Shocking, though, that the Dispatch takes this position in its editorial....GO read the whole thing....