Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tom Blumer Endless Love Update: Herman Cain Announces Economic Vision

Bizzyblog's Tom Blumer loves him some Herman Cain. I admire Mr. Cain, and like a great deal of what he has to say. He is bold and dynamic, and is not an insider politician. I like him. However, Tom Blumer? Well, this video has the gist:

Mr. Cain, whom we met at the We the People Convention in July, unveiled his economic vision today. Somewhere, Tom Blumer is rapt in passion...LOL. From the release:
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain announced his "Vision for Economic Growth" today in Lexington, South Carolina to an audience of more than 300 voters at Hudson's Barbecue. In his address, he explained phase 1 of his plan for economic turnaround.


Unites all tax payers so we all pay income taxes and no one pays payroll taxes.
Provides the least incentive to evade taxes and the fewest opportunities to do so.
Lifts a $430 billion dead-weight burden on the economy due to compliance, enforcement, collection, etc.
Is fair, neutral, transparent, and efficient.
Ends nearly all deductions and special interest favors.
Features zero tax on capital gains and repatriated profits.
Lowest marginal rates on production.
Allows immediate expensing of business investments.
Dividend deductibility will help retirees, improve accounting, and moderate stock-option driven executive compensation.
Increases capital formation. Capital per worker drives productivity and wage growth.
Capital formation will aid capital availability for small businesses.
Features a platform to launch properly structured Empowerment Zones to revitalize our inner cities
We all know the Fed has tripled the money supply since 2008. They have been printing money out of thin air to finance the Obama spending machine. While true Fed reform that restores sound money may have to wait for my election, the best thing we can do now is to pursue policies that increase the DEMAND for dollars to help mitigate the risks associated with the increase in the supply.
Pro-growth economic policies equal a strong dollar policy.

To request a PDF version of the entire "Cain's Vision for Economic Growth" brochure, please email

Cain has held several executive roles in the private sector: as a business analyst for Coca-Cola; as Vice President of the Pillsbury Company, leading the turnaround of 450 Burger King restaurants; as Chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza, taking the company from the brink of bankruptcy, returning it to profitability and leading his management team in a buyout in just 14 months; and as the Chairman, President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, leading the nation's single largest private industry. He has served on the boards of directors of several major American and multinational corporations, including Whirlpool, Nabisco, SuperValu, AGCO, Hallmark Cards, Reader's Digest and Aquila. Cain's professional record as a job creator and "turnaround artist" sparked the interest of the late Secretary Jack Kemp, who selected him as a member of his "Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission."