Friday, September 09, 2011

AFP-Ohio Urges Ohio's General Assembly to Pass Senate Bill 216

COLUMBUS- Americans for Prosperity-Ohio urges Ohio's General Assembly to pass Senate Bill 216, which was introduced this week by Senator Kris Jordan. Senate Bill 216 will repeal the onerous mandates placed on Ohio's energy industry in 2008 by Senate Bill 221.

Considering the vast amount of energy resources in Ohio, these mandates over regulate Ohio's energy industry and unnecessarily increase energy prices and cause job losses in Ohio's communities.

AFP-Ohio will work to support Senate Bill 216 and end Senate Bill 221's intrusion of government into Ohio's free market.

"At a time when Ohioans are struggling to provide for their families, the last thing we need is legislation like Senate Bill 221 that artificially raises Ohioans' energy bills and drives business and jobs out of Ohio," said AFP-Ohio State Director Rebecca Heimlich.