Monday, September 12, 2011

Brown County/Uecker Update: Some Revisions and Extensions

Last week, we discussed the upcoming Ohio Senate primary between state reps Danny Bubp and Joe Uecker. We discussed some of the rumors and observations people have had. In fact, at some point, we asked what has Joe Uecker done for Brown County. Well, upon further review, Joe has done some things for Brown County worth notice and appreciation. These items mentioned come from emails from folks and comments from readers:

While Colonel Bubp was away in service to his country in Iraq, Rep. Uecker helped Brown County officeholders, citizens and trustees with issues. Mr.Uecker also engaged in battle with colleagues over issues that affect Brown County, even when he was a twp trustee in Clermont County himself.

Also, dear readers, we engaged in a bit of hyperbole, that some may have taken as too serious. Mr. Uecker has made the rounds to Brown County republican events, and has been seen in parades, though often times just as part of the party and not necessarily on his own or what have you.

Perhaps Niehaus isn't steering Uecker, but I know Niehaus is steering Brown Countians to Mr. Uecker. Niehaus should stay out of things, especially since he isn't exactly on the best terms with taxpayers, or did you not remember that HE VOTED TO RETROACTIVELY RAISE YOUR TAXES?

So, some of what we previously wrote may have been either in error or a bit hyperbolic. We almost always appreciate when readers logically and rationally contact us to correct the record....Note: this automatically disqualifies Dennis Varnau supporters from contacting us. :)

Col. Bubp and Mr. Uecker have both been congenial and open to discussion during my interactions with them. I hope both of them run an honest race and no matter who wins, they will continue to support strong conservative values.