Thursday, September 01, 2011

Kudos to Speaker Boehner for Standing up to Classless Obama

John Boehner has been taking a lot of heat lately, from both sides of the aisle (and some would say deservedly so). The left will always hate the guy, but lately the Right (along, at times, with yours truly) has been criticizing Boehner for the debt deal and some other things. Well, the fighter I respected and admired is back. President Obama, in an amateurish, pathetic, and juvenile move, tried to take all the spotlight away from the GOP Debates by putting out an announcement saying he would speak to a joint session of Congress Wednesday, Sept. 7. That happens to be the date of the GOP Presidential Debate, and the first one with current frontrunner Rick Perry participating. Well, the speech is not happening on that day...Thanks to Speaker Boehner:
The dust-up underscored Obama’s dilemma as he attempts to show progress on the economy while distancing himself from a dysfunctional Washington.

The speech before a joint session of Congress, one of the grand symbols of the presidency, reflects a calculated attempt by Obama to regain an advantage in his bitter battle with Republicans over the economy, restore fast-eroding public confidence in his leadership and, perhaps, turn around a presidency with less than 15 months before he faces the voters.

White House officials said Obama would lay out a much-anticipated package of new proposals to stimulate job growth, a package expected to include spending programs for roads, bridges, school repair and training for the long-term unemployed.

Yet simply scheduling the address quickly turned into another partisan spit-fest.

It began around lunchtime Wednesday, when Obama sent a letter to congressional leaders requesting an 8 p.m. speech next Wednesday — a time that coincided with a previously scheduled Republican presidential debate.

House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), citing parliamentary and logistical “impediments,” sent a letter back that urged the president to come instead on the next night.

Democrats charged that the speaker was out of line and that presidents are always given deference in scheduling speeches to Congress. A Boehner spokesman countered that the White House “ignored decades — if not centuries — of the protocol of working out a mutually agreeable date and time before making any public announcement.”

Hours later, the White House capitulated, saying the president “welcomes the opportunity” to address lawmakers next Thursday.

This President is a punk. He acts like he is the grand king of the cosmos, and all shall bow before him. He has no respect for the office or prestige or honor of the Presidency. All he cares about is ratings and polls and trying to win another term to destroy the United States economy and way of life.

I am proud that Speaker Boehner once again found his fighting spirit and stood up to the boy President. Maybe now that he has won, he might be able to do it more often and not end up with crap sandwiches like the debt deal...I'm just sayin'.....