Thursday, September 08, 2011

What Has Tom Niehaus Done for Brown County?

My co-blogger asked a similar question the other day and I thought I'd ask the same question about Tom Niehaus.

Tom Niehaus has retroactively raised income taxes. This we know. But did you know he has single-handedly made defending SB5 / Issue 2 a complete utter mockery? It's true. Read all about it right here.

So the next time you hear Kevin DeWine talking about how important SB5 / Issue 2 is, ask him what he thinks of Tom Niehaus and this pathetic scheme.

I am disgusted that there are staffers that make six figures in either party in this statehouse. Y'all better get your act together because this is simply unacceptable in this economic climate. Just what color is the money in Tom Niehaus' world anyway?

Mark's Remarks

But Matt, you don't understand...Niehaus has ponied up money for fundraisers and stuff. He has given cash so the Brown County GOP could do events, and his wife has donated some very nice bath and beauty products and other collectibles to the silent auction, don't you know.

This guy represents the worst of small minded, self important political hacks who need to be driven from our system. The fact that Joe Uecker is aligning himself with this arse make me think less of Uecker. Tom Niehaus sucked his way up the political ladder by selling off votes of his to many parties, just like his mentor, Bill "the scumbag" Harris did. Niehaus and his ilk make it hard to promote Republican ideas because a clown like Niehaus in leadership who changes his spots when the winds are blowing make it hard to point to someone who is "walking the walk."

Tom Niehaus has put into jeopardy the future of the workers of the biggest employer in Brown County. Other than that, he has just shown up to parades and such, occasionally doing something shady in the statehouse that Brown Countians can point to as evidence of a conspiracy, and has made long winded empty speeches that mean nothing. Oh yeah, he retroactively raised taxes in Brown County, too.