Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes on Issue 2 Gains Some Momentum

I suppose I should point out this Quinny poll which shows some progress on the part of Building a Better Ohio in support of Issue 2/SB5.

As with every Quinny poll, they over-sampled Democrats (see our friends over at GOHPblog for more on that). So if you are scoring at home, Issue 2 is probably still a bit under where we need it be for a victory in November, but we are encouraged by direction we are seeing thus far.

For the record, Quiny pegs this as down by 13%, 51%-38%.

But here are some things that you probably won't hear about...

  • Support the part of Issue 2 that would replace automatic pay increases based on seniority with performance-based pay, 60%-31%.

  • Support requiring public employees to pay at least 15% of their health insurance costs, 59%-35%.

  • Support requiring public employees to pay 10% of their wages toward their pensions, 56%-33%.

  • Building a Better Ohio spokesman, Jason Mauk:
    This survey shows clear momentum in support of State Issue 2. In just two months, the opposition’s lead has been cut in half, despite millions of dollars being spent on misleading ads. Ohioans continue to show the more they learn about Issue 2, the more they like. Three of its fundamental reforms have overwhelming public support, and we're confident the margin will continue to narrow as voters understand the issue. We're focused on waging a fact-based education campaign that cuts through the scare tactics and gets to the heart of these reasonable reforms that will help communities save jobs, balance budgets and avoid the never-ending demand for higher taxes that hurt us all.
    Personally, I would like to see at least one ad that strikes back against all of the lies and misinformation put out there by people who are portrayed as trustworthy and respectable; but I'm not holding my breath. And I'm not talking about another bland "white board" cartoon ad...

    My takeaway is this: Big Union and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) have been spending millions of dollars lying to Ohioans and the Issue 2 support numbers go UP. The truth is getting out there, but we must continue being vigilant as that is the only way we shall prevail. Sources tell me that there is a vast number of undecideds on this issue, so keep the faith and continue engaging your friends and neighbors. We ARE winning.