Monday, October 03, 2011

Michelle's Target Visit More Staged than WWE

Some people were taken in by the visuals of Michelle Obama shopping at Target taken by the AP this week. OOOOH, look, she is like us. She is in disguise and hanging at Target. Ninja, Please! This was a faked, staged, scripted photo op. It was meant to soften the image of Michelle "Antoinette", the Queen who goes around boozing it up on private jets and wasting your tax dollars. The Queen who eats and eats and eats junk food while lecturing you and your kids on eating a candy bar. She must want all the cake and junk food for herself, as much as she gripes. Well, now we have proof of just how cynical the Obamas are and how gullible they think we are. Check this out:
Another staged moment in the lives of Barack and Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama just had to get out to Target to do a little shopping last week. But, before the shopping run the White House tipped off AP photographer Charles Dharapak so that he would be at the store to memorialize the moment.

How stupid do they think we are? If we reelect this clown Obama and his family, their views on our stupidity and gullibility will be confirmed. Say no to Obama in 2012 and prove we aren't a nation of coddled, easily fooled morons.