Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: Furmon Deserves Butler County GOP Support for Re-Election

Seeing this reminded me that I needed to jump back in here after my extended holiday weekend to reiterate that The Butler County Republican Party really owes Chuck Furmon a debt. If not for Furmon's action in calling law enforcement attention to the Dynus scandal, the scandal-plagued corruption and filth from that era would not only still be surviving, but thriving.

While I may not agree with every decision the commissioner has made over the years, I have come to know him as a thoughtful and considerate man who has the best interests of the county at heart. He has always acted with the highest levels of integrity and decency. These are qualities that are to be supported and encouraged when found in politicians because they are as rare as any precious metal.

I fully support and endorse Chuck Furmon for re-election and it is my sincerest wish that the BCGOP would do the same.

UPDATE: This just came in to the mailbox from a reader. I wanted to pass it along because this is just another reminder of the kind of guy Chuck Furmon really is:
Saw your recent posting about Commissioner Furmon and I must say I agree 100% with what you said. Having had the opportunity to work with Commissioner Furmon for 20 plus years, I to had disagreements and differing opinions from time to time with him but he was always willing to talk, LISTEN and discuss my concerns. What I found was a man who really had the best interest of Butler County in mind. Most importantly I found a man who appreciated all of the county employees and the hard work they do. I hope the Executive Committe has the wisdom to see what you and I see when they make their endorsement.