Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Fast and Furious/Gunwalker Update: Knowledge Goes Higher in DOJ

As more of this case comes out, the more unseemly it gets.....Do not fall for the attempt by CBS news to throw blame onto Bush. The deaths of hundreds of civilians and two American federal agents are on Obama's hands, not Bush's. From cBS News:
There is new information about how much the Department of Justice new about the controversial ATF tactic of letting guns "walk" into the hands of criminals.

Gunwalking is a controversial investigative tactic in which police allow suspects to traffic guns without stopping them in order to see where they end up. Documents just released this afternoon show the head of the Justice Department's criminal division, Lanny A. Breuer, learned about the tactic of ATF gunwalking as early as April of last year.

In a memo, Breuer's deputy wrote him that, in a case called "Wide Receiver" started under the Bush Administration, "ATF let a bunch of guns walk" in an effort to catch the big fish of Mexican drug cartels and said the gunwalking case could be "embarrassing" to ATF.

Today, Breuer issued a statement saying he "regrets" that he didn't alert others in Justice Department leadership, apparently including his boss Attorney General Eric Holder.

In a separate ATF case reported by CBS News earlier this year, called "Fast and Furious" and started under the Obama Administration, Breuer says he likewise regrets not alerting leaders about the similarities in the cases. That, said Breuer, was a mistake.Republican Congressional investigators say this new information contradicts the Justice Department's original letter to them earlier this year insisting that gunwalking allegations were "false."

The JustUs Department, letting Black Panther voter intimidators go and guns walk into drug lords hands since 2009.....