Saturday, November 05, 2011

Honest Police Officer Tells Truth (not Union Propaganda) on Issue 2

From Chief Deputy Sean Donovan:

If I thought for a second that the reasonable reforms of Issue 2 would put you or my fellow officers at risk, I wouldn't be anywhere near it. Frankly, I'm supporting a YES vote on Issue 2 because I know that your safety is threatened WITHOUT these reforms.

What opponents won't tell you is that the current, unsustainable system is forcing us to lay off good police officers and firefighters because our communities are struggling to balance their budgets. The reforms of Issue 2 will help them save public safety jobs and keep safety services without raising the tax burden on hardworking families.

Don't believe the scare tactics being used by people who want to defend an unsustainable system that puts union contracts ahead of taxpayers. Let's make sure we can protect the public by voting YES on Issue 2.


Sean Donovan
Chief Deputy Sheriff
Hamilton County

There is also a video message from Chief Deputy Donovan

What he is saying is the truth....the opposed to propaganda and lies from the We Are (not)Ohio Liars club.......