Monday, November 28, 2011

Wenstrup Doesn't Get His Pro Abort Excuse Timeline Right....

Per Fact Checking Sources I have found...

In his attack letter against Jean Schmidt, good ol Dr. Wenstrup says he only voted to give a grant to Planned Parenthood because no one else was going to offer AIDS screening as they were....WRONG-O!

Early March, Stop AIDS was told by officials at the Ohio Department of Health that it would not receive a $715,000 grant by the end of the month. Stop AIDS needed the grant as of April 1 or have to terminate its case worker program. The HIV positive people served by Stop AIDS will be quickly transitioned to a new agency in the area and not be affected by the change, said House. Stop AIDS failed to pay federal payroll tax of about $125,000 in 2008 and 2009 calendar years.

March 17, 2011
Stop AIDS case management funding shifted to Caracole
Funding for Stop AIDS Cincinnati case managers will be redistributed to Caracole, a Cincinnati nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing to people living with HIV/AIDS. Case managers help clients obtain affordable medication (and manage the mountain of paperwork that comes with it), maintain their health and utilize other services like temporary housing.

May 24, 2011 meeting, the Cincinnati Board of Health voted unanimously to give a sub-grant of up to $85,000 to abortion provider, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio. This is a reallocation of funds from Stop AIDS, which was defunded by the state after an independent audit, for Planned Parenthood to use for HIV/AIDS testing and prevention. Stop AIDS counselors will work for Planned Parenthood. Board of Health members who voted to give taxpayer money to abortion provider, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio, included Dr. Brad Wenstrup.

Two months prior to Brad voting to give $85,000 In taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood the Ohio Department of Health shifted the funding to Caracole.

OOOPS! Brad's excuse for blood testing to give money to Planned Parenthood just went out the window....

Is there no depth he will not descend to in order to try to fool Oh-2 voters he is a "strong conservative" who is "pro-life"?