Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BUTLER COUNTY: Carpenter Crap and Jolly's Follies

Two stories worth mentioning this morning.

The first is that as reported here yesterday, it does indeed appear that Greg Jolivette has some problem with his petitions. That hearing will be today, so we should know more about that situation as it develops.

And now on to the Main event...

Cindy Carpenter is, in my opinion, a dangerous and vindictive manipulator. I've tried to give her second and third chances, but she can't seem to stay off my radar. Stories like this one isn't improving her image:
The employee agreed to make controlled, recorded calls to Carpenter as part of the investigation.

During the first phone call, the woman told Carpenter she was in kind of a “pickle” because she told a coworker “about what you said that night over at the IHOP,” according to the investigation report.

When Carpenter asked, “What thing?” the woman answered, “About when you were suggesting that I just screw up the files and stuff.”

Carpenter replied, “Uh-huh and reiterated ‘that I suggested to you that you screw up the files?’”

The woman said, “Yea, because I had some problems actually that same week with the files and they were questioning me what was going on.”

Carpenter, who was not interviewed separately by BCI agents, answered, “So you didn’t say you did it on purpose.”

The woman replied, “No, I was trying to cover, didn’t want them mad at me ... I was trying to get myself out of a situation.”

The woman agreed to a follow-up controlled telephone call. In the conversation, the woman told Carpenter she was concerned the restaurant conversation would come back to her since there was an investigation.

According to the documents, Carpenter said, “Since that was a table full of 18 people, goofing off and joking, that’s not a conspiracy by any stretch of the imagination.”
way to go, Butler County! You managed to elect yet another corrupt lunatic!