Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chris Christie on Newt Gingrich: Pot talks about Kettle.

You know, at one time, I kind of liked Chris Christie. He helped fix New Jersey, took on the teacher unions, and seemed to be an average guy. Well, he has shown now he is more of a political hack and squish. First, there was the love affair Ann Coulter had for him, and his yes I'm in, no I'm out crap every other week. Now, he is talking about Newt Gingrich like Newt is....Chris Christie. What I mean is, an attention seeking, self promoting blowhard. Today on Scarborough:
The guest panelist here was TIME Magazine senior political analyst Mark Halperin, and he said to Governor Christie, "What have you heard from your fellow Republican governors and other leading Republicans at what would happen if Newt Gingrich were at the top of the ticket?"

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CHRISTIE: I think that the problem for us if Speaker Gingrich were at the top is that the election would be about Speaker Gingrich and not about the president. And I think as Republicans, this election has to be first and foremost about the president. And I think this Speaker just can't help himself but to make himself the center of attention all the time with the comments that he makes. And as a result, even though while some of his ideas I think are fine, I think some of them aren't, and in the end, he's gonna carry so much of that into election that, you know, the election's gonna be about Newt Gingrich and I don't think that's a good thing for our party.

Chris Christie thinks, like most moderates and blue blood Republicans, that if we elect a bland empty suit, then no one will talk bad about him. How is that working for President McCain or former President Dole, eh? Not so good, huh? Moderates just don't get it. You could nominate Mother Teresa as a candidate, and the media and the left would disparage her.

And for Chris Christie to disparage someone on the basis of seeking attention? You sanctimonious hypocrite, look in the mirror! And, STFU! Stay out of it, clown! You didn't have the stones in the end to run for the big job, so STFU!

It will not matter who the candidate is. The media and the left will try to make it not about Obama and more about the GOP candidate. That is what they always do. Look at 1980 and every election since. They stop talking about, when a dem is the incumbent, how sucky the economy is as soon as the GOP contender is chosen. They did it in 1980, and they are going to do it for Carter 2.0, aka Obama. Doltish, idiotic, squish blue blood elitist gopers.

By the way, the supposed conservative Christie has endorsed the godfather of obamacare, Mitt Romney, to be the GOP nominee.