Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dr. Wenstrup, Mr. "ProLife Strong Conservative", Frames Questions to Avoid Issues

Brad Wenstrup learned a valuable lesson in our brief encounter in Brown County. He learned even more how to obfuscate. What am I talking about now? From confidential but factual sources:
Cincinnati Board of Health
Board of Health Meeting
November 15 2011

B. Victoria Wells Wulsin, M.D., Ph.D. —Contract Amendment
Up to $198,000 July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012
Proposed Motion: At the request of the Health Commissioner,
“That the Board approve the agreement between the Cincinnati Health Department and Victoria Wells Wulsin as Program Director for the Reproductive Health Improvement Collaborative for $198,000 effective July 1, 2011 to on or before June 30, 2012.”
Second: Dr. Shambley-Ebron
Discussion: Dr. Wenstrup asked for clarification that this program has no relationship or affiliation with Planned Parenthood and there would be no funding for abortions; the grant addresses reproductive health and the health of the mother and the child. Dr. Wulsin stated that the grant will be used only for the health of women, children and men. This is not a partnership with Planned Parenthood and none of the funds will be used for abortions. Dr. Holditch concurred.
Vote/Action: unanimously passed and approved

No word on if Slick Vic wanted to give the kids malaria as a contraceptive, the way she wanted to give it to AIDs Patients.

Do we notice how Wenstrup was very careful not to ask if this program was going to fund contraceptives for children as young as 11 years old without parental consent. He knew the issue with this program was contraceptives for girls as young as 11 years old without parental consent. He was very careful so as to not get an answer he didn't want to see in print.

But, again, any money that isn't going to nonabortion activities gives them more money for abortion activities....but wait, there is more....

Check out this link:

Some interesting things here to take away:
Check out the STD/HIV grant presentation on page 5. It looks like this group lost their grant funding from the State of Ohio because of poor performance and miscalculations. Remember the other group, Stop AIDS, that lost their funding for the same reasons. This is taxpayer money they are playing with.

Dr. Brad is playing fast and loose with taxpayer money, and giving it to a woman who wanted to inject AIDS patients with malaria. Also, he doesn't research or vette his sources very well. He is NOT what we need in Congress. He is nothing more than a fast talking, good time johnny, tea party bandwagon jumper. That is it. Don't believe this clown.