Monday, December 05, 2011

Kasich Wants DeWine Out at ORP

Now that this story has broken in the 527 media, I can say that I have been hearing for awhile now that Team Kasich has been making calls looking for a way to get Kevin DeWine out.

Much of the story, as reported by Joe Hallet, is accurate and a fair representation of the grievances. Kasich did ask DeWine to resign after he won the governorship and the deal was struck that Kevin would hang on while the senior staffers at ORP would take the fall. Apparently, Team Kasich is still not satisfied with the direction that ORP has taken since.

For the most part, I've been pretty pleased with the new crew. I thought that they were a little slow getting in to the Mecklenborg situation, but that had more to do with Kevin in my opinion. Ohio is a difficult state to handle, but I believe the new guys have learned pretty quickly which buttons not to push.

Generally speaking, I prefer the devil I know...if Team Kasich cares to put up a name for consideration, let's hear it. It is no secret that I have not been overly pleased with the lack of support the Chairman has given to the agenda, but I don't think it is right to play games without putting all your cards on the table.

We can't afford this nonsense right now. We need to defeat Obama and Sherrod Brown. That is what we should be focused on right now. But if we must, let's get on with it and get it over with quickly so we can get our eyes back on the prize.