Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maddy Albright Heartbroken, Lil Kim Is Dead...Dead...Dead...

But Don't fret, Maddy...you still have memories like this:

You remember, when you and Bubba sold us out to North Korea, giving them our nuclear technology and other computer secrets, right? Well, Maddy, just for you, we are going to present some of Kim Jong Il's greatest hits:

Attention! Explicit Lyrics in Vid Clips Below!

First, his one true nugget of wisdom, regarding that blowhard hypocritical deadbeat dad, Alec Baldwin:

And then, the song he sang before he met you, Maddy....

Seriously, Kim Jong Il was the son of a dirtbag who leaves a dirtbag behind to rule and suck out the marrow of North Korea. And don't buy all the public crying. The media morons in this country do, but seriously....these people had to cry on cue or be shot. Don't believe the hype.

The media calls him mercurial and other sobriquets, but the man was evil. Read this article to see what all he did, and how the people suffered. Frontpage mag also details the dirty deeds of this degenerate that Maddy Albright loved so much:
Conservative estimates place the number of North Korean citizens killed by starvation in the past decade at 2-3 million. That is 10% or greater of the population. Apply that ratio to the US or European population base and the real horror sinks in. Paradoxically, this mass starvation occurred during a period when the North Korean regime of Kim Jong Il was the largest recipient of American food aid of any other country. But Kim and his communist party minions spread food aid where it would do their regime the most good: to prop up the military and to sell on the black market to line corrupt bureaucratic pockets. His people, the Dear Leader, arrogantly said, could 'eat bark.'

The expression that "one human death is a tragedy; a million, a statistic," has been variously attributed to Stalin, Adolph Eichmann, and others of their ilk. Regardless of who said it, they all agreed with the core principle: the world will let a dictator get away with mass murderer. Kim Il Sung, the self-styled Great Leader and original dictator of North Korea, behaved accordingly. So does his son and successor, Kim Jong Il. The two imposed a grotesque personality cult upon the people of North Korea of such pervasiveness that even Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong would be envious. They emulated those mentors by constructing a gulag of political prison camps of the most awful sort throughout the remote areas of North Korea. The camps are a death machine into which alleged “enemies of the state,” criminals, and the “politically unreliable,” especially Christians, are condemned. Along with these “undesirables” typically go their families, often down to three generations because of the regime’s stated policy to “root out the poisonous ideologies.” Concentration camp inmates work under brutal conditions usually to their deaths, are kept barely alive by meager rations, denied medical attention, and routinely tortured and executed. Estimates are that 200,000-300,000 people at any given time are locked into these terrible prisons.

I know wherever Lil Kim is, it is very warm, and not very comfortable.