Friday, January 06, 2012

Brad Wenstrup--Poor Steward of Public Money--Grant Revoked

The Foot doctor who saved the world claims he can do better managing public funds than Jean Schmidt. He claims he is a true fiscal conservative. However, as we have documented, he has given money as a member of the Cincinnati Board of Health to planned parenthood and giving money to Vic Wulsin to give contraception to young kids. I have said this is mismanagement. Well, it appears I am not alone. The state has revoked a grant from the city and board of health that they had been receiving for 30 YEARS. The cause? Poor management and stewardship and oversight.

Let's get this straight. Last year, foot doctor Brad Wenstrup decided it would be a good idea for the Cincinnati Health Board to use taxpayer money to fund the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. So, as a member of the city board, he votes to give $85,000 in taxpayer money to help keep Planned Parenthood's lights on (

He followed that up by seconding a motion on a Cincinnati Health Board proposal to spend nearly $800,000 in taxpayer money annually – for up to five years – on free birth control for children (

Would you consider this a misuse of taxpayer funds?

Apparently, the state of Ohio has concerns about some of the things going on with the board, which Brad joined in 2010.

"State yanks STD grant, says city 'poor' steward"

State officials said the city was such a “poor” steward of the funds "there is not a way I could justify using taxpayer dollars to put money back in to the hands of the Cincinnati Health Department to do these programs," said William McHugh, the Ohio Department of Health's division of prevention chief.

"It's gotten so bad in the last few years we had no choice but to find a new partner to address the problem," McHugh said." (

For 30 years, Cincinnati has received this grant for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but under Brad's watch over the last couple years, the state of Ohio felt the need to step in and cut off funding – to protect Ohio 's taxpayers.

Say, Brad, isn't that … your job?

Apparently, Brad is too busy running for other offices to get his stories or his stewardship straight. The guy is full of obfuscation and misdirection.

Next time you have a city Board of Health meeting, you might want to check those alleged "conservative credentials" at the door.

Mismanagement and lack of oversight are nothing new to Brad. He didn't check his source calling Schmidt a corrupt member of Congress. It was a George Soros front group. My google search took 30 seconds. 30 seconds. He also LIED about discussing his pro life issues with me over the phone. It never took place. He said he was going to call me back because I was busy when he called but HE NEVER DID. The man can't keep his stories straight. His timeline regarding his excuses for funding planned parenthood just don't pan out either. And yet he claims he would be a voice of integrity and a solid conservative. Don't buy it.

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