Friday, January 20, 2012

Jean Schmidt Earns 100% Rating from the Campaign for Working Families

From the release:
Rep. Jean Schmidt represents the interests and

values of America’s traditional families

Campaign for Working Families -- 2011 Congressional Scorecard

"Campaign for Working Families is a non-partisan political action committee (PAC) dedicated to electing pro-family, pro-life and pro-free enterprise candidates to public offices. Gary Bauer formed CWF in 1996 to represent the interests and values of America's traditional families in the political arena."

Campaign for Working Families takes the guesswork out of identifying the “true conservatives” from the pretenders.

Federal Pro-Family Votes for Congress - 112th Congress, Combined Sessions

Rep. Jean Schmidt Vote Score: 100%

YES: Repealing ObamaCare

YES: Reducing Spending to 2008 Levels

YES: Cut Funding for National Endowment for the Arts

YES: Defund Obama’s Policy Czars

YES: Defund National Public Radio

YES: Block EPA Global Warming Regulations

YES: Defund ObamaCare

YES: Defund Planned Parenthood

YES: Ryan Budget

YES: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

YES: Reversing President Obama’s Offshore Drilling Ban

YES: Try Foreign Terrorists in Military Tribunals

YES: Defending Traditional Marriage

YES: Cut, Cap and Balance Act

YES: North American-Made Energy Security Act

YES: Disapproval of Obama’s Increasing The Debt Limit

YES: Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act

Exit question: How will supposed "solid pro life Conservative (who gave tax dollars to Planned Parenthood)"Brad Wenstrup better this score?