Monday, January 09, 2012

Maybe Dr. Wenstrup Should Have Asked Rick Santorum About CREW Before Using Them...

So-called "solid conservative" Dr. Brad Wenstrup has shown he is not conservative. He has shown little in the way of due diligence as either a member of the Cincinnati Board of Health (a grant the city had received for 30 years from the state has been revoked under his watch, and all he does is cower behind Roxy Qualls) and he didn't take 30 seconds to google CREW, the George Soros funded group he cites calling Jean Schmidt corrupt. Well, I guess, Brad, Rick Santorum is corrupt, too, because CREW said he was. You should have asked Santorum about CREW. He joked about them in a recent debate:

To the corruption charge, Santorum ridiculed the accusation: “The group that called me corrupt was a group called [Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington]. If you haven’t been sued by CREW, you’re not a conservative.”

So, Brad, I guess Jean should thank you in a way. By citing CREW as your source, you are really saying she IS A CONSERVATIVE. Yeah, Chris Finney, you too. I know you have used CREW's garbage to smear Jean, so really, I guess you know she is a conservative, according to Rick Santorum, or is he suddenly now not a conservative? Clowns both, Finney and Brad.

Brad Wenstrup...not good with our money...not solid on the facts. Not good for OH-2!