Thursday, January 05, 2012

Ohio Right to Life Endorsements in SW OH

In the release Matt cited a few days ago, there were some names left off the list. Paul Hall, candidate for Ohio Senate (replacing the outgoing Tom Niehaus)along with his primary opponent Joe Uecker, were both endorsed. Nick Owens, Rick Herron, and Doug Green were all endorsed by Ohio Right to Life in the race for the 66th house district.

In a delicious note, COASTIE culter Tom Brinkman did not get the endorsement. His oppoenent and incumbent did--Conservative Tom Brinkman did not get an endorsement from the Ohio Right to Life Society in what is expected to be a brutal campaign to regain his legislative seat. Instead, his opponent, state Rep. Peter Stautberg, R-Anderson Twp., received the endorsement from the group’s political action committee, which announced its picks for contested seats in the March primary today.