Monday, January 23, 2012

Owens Requests ODOT Director Wray To Visit US 68 and SR 32 Interchange

Batavia Township – Today, Nick Owens sent a letter to Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Jerry Wray requesting that he visit with local leaders to learn about the failing highway interchange of United States Route 68 and State Route 32 located in the Village of Mt. Orab, Brown County.

“I am fully aware of the difficulties Ohio faces in funding transportation infrastructure projects throughout the state. Additionally, I am realistic that these vital improvements to U.S. 68 and S.R. 32 interchange cannot be funded and completed overnight, but as a state we must respond proactively instead of reactively. Unfortunately, many times government improvements to infrastructure do not come until lives are lost,” Nick Owens wrote in his letter to ODOT Director Wray.

“The highway interchange of U.S. 68 and S.R. 32 is at the crossroads of economic growth for the Village of Mt. Orab, Brown County and all of Southwest Ohio. We must make the modernization of this interchange a top priority for our government leaders in Columbus,” stated Nick Owens in his press release announcing his invitation to ODOT Director Wray.

“It is my hope through a visit by ODOT Director Wray we can begin to accelerate the conversation on fixing this vital interchange so that further business expansion in the Mt. Orab area is not stifled due to lack of roadway capacity,” further stated Nick Owens.

Nick Owens is one of the Republican Candidates for the 66th House District, along with Brown County Treasurer Doug Green and Bethel resident Rick Herron.