Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today in the Ohio Senate

At today’s session (1:30 pm), the Senate will consider the following bills for concurrence:

Historical Documents: Senate Bill 165, sponsored by Senator Larry Obhof (R- Montville Township), includes content on specified historical documents in the state academic standards, as well as high school American history and government curriculum.

The Senate will also consider the following legislation:

Commercial Drivers License: House Bill 337, sponsored by Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R- Clarksville), allows for the phase-in of new requirements for Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holders based on recent changes made to federal law. Changes are to begin taking effect on January 30, 2012.

Uniform Traffic Manual Updates: Sponsored by Representative Ross McGregor (R- Springfield), House Bill 349 modifies certain highway-related definitions and provisions in order to conform to changes made to the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.”

Ohio’s Business Opportunity Plan Law: Senate Bill 196, sponsored by Senator Mark Wagoner (R – Ottawa Hills), makes certain changes to provisions related to the Ohio Business Opportunity Plan Law. The measure is explicit in declaring the Ohio Business Opportunity Plan Law as a fundamental public policy for our state.

Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact: Senate Bill 243, sponsored by Senator Jim Hughes (R- Columbus), makes new specifications regarding the purpose of the Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC), as well as expands the requirements for participation in the compact.

Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Day: Sponsored by Senator Troy Balderson (R-Zanesville), Senate Bill 247 designates July 9 of each year as Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Day in the State of Ohio.