Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Archie Wilson, Clermont County Tea Party, and..... Brad Wenstrup?

WMD received an email from a source with some commentary regarding this FOX19 article about the latest fiasco dealing with Republicans Behaving Badly (and yes we have a new label/tag for this sort of thing)...

In the 2010 race for County Commissioner, it was Archie Wilson and the Tea Party against incumbent Commissioner Scott Croswell and "the establishment". The race became pretty vicious, especially when Archie and the Tea Party spread rumors that Scott Croswell had cheated on his wife, which makes these current allegations all that more ironic. (The woman in question turned out to be...his wife..)

The Clermont County Tea Party (who are much more extreme than any other local Tea Party) did everything they could to support Archie Wilson, and it will be interesting to see what affect that has on their credibility. From the folks I've talked to, there certainly appears to be some outrage towards the Clermont County Tea Party for being so blinded by hate that their judgement became so clouded. Will the Tea Party attempt to sweep this under the rug or will they take responsibility and apologize to the constituents of Clermont County who were convinced Archie was a true Conservative?

An additional interesting note is that Archie Wilson was Brad Wenstrup's biggest supporter in Clermont County. Brad was Archie's guest at a number of Republican events last year and Archie had been doing everything he could to help get Brad elected. There is still some question about how Archie managed to obtain the prescription pain medication, and if Brad is in anyway roped into this scandal, it's fair to say his political career is over (if it wasn't over before he become entrenched in COAST).

There are still more shocking details about this story that will come out soon, but the citizens of Clermont County ought to be outraged that they were led to believe Archie was a Conservative. It appears he was anything but.
This is BAD all over...and as our correspondent said, there will be MORE to this story as it develops.