Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Candidate for 65th Statehouse Becker Gets Big Endorsements!

Friend of the TIB network and soon to be former state central committeeman John Becker is running for the 65th State House of Representatives seat. He has worked very hard networking and fundraising. His work is bearing fruit. From the Becker Report:
US Senator Rob Portman Endorses John Becker
This is yet another exciting high level endorsement to boost my campaign. Senator Portman also provided the following:
"John Becker has been attending my town hall meetings since 1993. I know John to be a solid fiscal and social conservative. He will serve Clermont County well."
US Senator Rob Portman

"John Becker is a principled conservative who will prove to be an excellent State Representative."
US Senator Rob Portman

My additional endorsements for the 65th State Representative District include:

Ohio House of Representatives Speaker Bill Batchelder
Ohio Republican Party
Clermont County Republican Leadership PAC
Buckeye Firearms with an "A" rating
Ohioans for Concealed Carry
Unanimously endorsed by all 15 trustees in Goshen, Miami, Stonelick, Union, and Wayne Townships. Those are the five townships in the 65th House District.
Milford City Councilman, Jeff Lykins
Ohio ProLife Action
Cincinnati Right to Life
Ohio Right to Life PAC
Ohio Gun PAC
Ohio Pro-Life PAC
Family First PAC: They only endorse candidates who are the most fiscally and socially conservative. I am their first candidate to be endorsed for 2012.
CCV Action PAC: Citizens for Community Values Action only endorses pro-life and pro-family candidates. I am their first candidate to be endorsed for 2012.
Vickie and Phil Burress: He is the president of Citizens for Community Values. (His title is for identification purposes.)
Dr. Jack Willke: He is the founder and president of the International Right to Life Federation, president of the Life Issues Institute, and former president of National Right to Life.
Clermont Post
Weapons of Mass Discussion
Bill Federer: He is a national speaker, author and historian.

Additionally, I've won the "Well Qualified" rating from the Clermont County Republican Party and the "Highly Recommended" rating from Ohio Veterans United.

In addition to this, Mr. Becker has also signed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and the No Climate Change Tax Pledge.

Mr. Becker's information and positions on issues can be found here.

Disclosure: Weapons of Mass Discussion has endorsed Mr. Becker in this race, and he is a friend of the blog, and the TIB All Stars show, as well as the TIB Radio network.